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Frameless Glass Shower Doors Benefits

Discover Incredible Benefits Of Frameless Glass Shower Doors For Your Home Remodeling Project Today

Are you planning to own a home in the near future or want to do some innovative remodeling on your current home? Consider putting in place frameless shower doors for the most luxurious appearances in your house.

When investing in a home, one must remember that this is an expensive venture and you need to ensure that you consider the value added to your home. Every home owner is looking for the most fashionable and luxurious trends to make the home look elegant. A bathroom is not an exception and that is why we provide for you a wide variety of stylish and long lasting frameless shower doors. Hopkins Glass and Shower Door LLC is fully registered and licensed in Minnesota as a Glass and Mirror company.

Why are they termed as frameless?

It’s the technology behind their design and installation. They are called frameless glass shower doors since they do not require frames to support their weight or slide. Frameless shower doors have been found to be more outstanding as compared to the traditional doors. They can be designed to fit any space, large or small.

Following are some remarkable benefits of frameless shower doors:

custom cut frameless shower door by Hopkins Glass, MN

1. The decorative aspect that will give your home the most elegant looks.

We all know that modern bathrooms are about openness, flow, luxury and relaxing retreats. Every member of the family is looking for an experience that will bring enormous relaxing moods after a tough and busy working day or for morning refreshment.

Our frameless glass shower doors are designed in a manner that will bring together all elements like the decorative tiles, marble and granite, contemporary bath fixture designs, trendy shower heads and bath lighting.

Having been in glass and mirror business for years, we have come in terms with the growing needs of different clients from all walks of life. Our customer satisfaction has been our number one goal and this has indeed contributed to our vast growth and popularity within the region. Feel free to contact our dedicated and friendly customer attendants now for any queries.

2. A wide variety of styles, designs, textures, colors to choose from.

To add on the decor and appearance, we offer you great selection of frameless shower doors to choose what will work best to meet your personal needs and expectations. Frameless glass shower doors come in various styles like boxy, circular, oval and triangular. You can switch to the style of your choice. You can choose whether you want one that will slide or swing. The choice is all yours. Visit our showroom today and check on our frameless glass shower doors displayed in various great designs like clear, colored, frosted grass, textured or custom designs all tailored to meet the needs of our different clients.

They therefore provide a wonderful way to show off your trendy bathroom.

Is your bath area is small or big? Relax. We can have a tailor made size designed to fit any dimensions you give us. Isn’t this great? Indeed it is.

3. Installing Frameless Glass Shower Doors can add value to your home

With the help of our highly dedicated and experienced professionals, you will have the installation done properly. This assures you of having the frameless glass shower doors in proper operation for many years without the need for frequent repairs and replacement. In fact, when properly fixed, they will be functional and in good order with age.

4. Frameless Glass Shower Doors are durable and long lasting

Frameless shower doors are manufactured using the finest quality materials to ensure that they are structurally sound and safe. They are tough and sturdy with a thickness of up to 1/2-inch. This means they do not break easily and can serve you for a very long period. Since they do not have a metal frame like the traditional shower doors, they have no risk to corrosion or rust.

5. Easier to clean and maintain

It is quite evident that frameless glass shower doors are very easy to clean and maintain. Since there are no tracks required, there is therefore no channel for mildew or mold to grow. Little or no effort is needed during cleaning.

You can agree with us that due to the global economic changes, everyone is busy working to get the ends meet. Who have all the time to keep scrubbing, polishing the bath area? Definitely no one and that is why majority of people all over the world opt to install frameless shower doors to save on their time and money and make those shower moments a wonderful experience.

custom cut frameless glass shower
custom cut frameless glass shower
custom cut frameless glass shower
custom cut frameless glass shower

Talk of convenience

The frameless shower doors are designed and installed using a seal-in technology that helps keeping water from spilling to the other parts of the greater bath area. No worry while showering!

Some people opt for a do it yourself installation. We advise our clients to have a professional installation done if they are not experts in this field. This helps them save money and time that would be spent in future because if the frameless glass shower doors are not properly installed, they will therefore require having frequent repair or even replacement in the near future. It is better to spend some few dollars and have a professional job done today and be free the rest of your days than save the dollars today and you keep on frequently spending dollars for repairs.

We work on your budget

Talk to our staff today and share your budget. We work within your budget and deliver you the most suitable frameless shower doors you can afford. We offer a wide variety of the frameless doors at different prices to accommodate our clients.

Check our customer reviews and find out what our clients say about us. Our happy clients refer their friends to us and we have become among the highly rated Glass and Mirror Company and our customer network is expanding at a very recommendable rate.

We deliver your frameless shower doors in good order on the agreed date and place. You can trust our team to do the installation work for you any time of the day even in your absence if your work schedule is very tight.