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wood bathroom vanity with double bowl sink

Latest Bathroom Design Trends To Watch For

In today’s modern world, the bathroom has become just as important as any other room in a home. No longer are they considered to be purely functional spaces which took up as little room as possible…

custom cut frameless glass shower

Frameless Glass Shower Doors Benefits

Are you planning to own a home in the near future or want to do some innovative remodeling on your current home? Consider putting in place frameless shower doors for the most luxurious appearances in your house.

large custom cut arch mirror design ideas Hopkins Glass and Shower Door MN

Mirrors in Interior Design: Decorating With Custom Cut Mirrors

Mirrors are the most versatile decorating tools at the disposal of anyone looking to customize the interior of any room. Mirrors of different shapes and sizes have been used for centuries to decorate palaces and high end homes.

glass shower doors modern bathroom design

How to clean glass shower doors and keep them that way

Frameless glass shower doors can make your bathroom really stand out and transform your shower into a real eye-catcher. However, after a few months of use, soap residue and mineral build up can be hard to clean. Finally, after you get it clean, what do you do to keep it looking like new for a long time? Here we would like to discuss a few tips and tricks to minimize cleaning time and keep your glass shower doors looking new for years to come.

custom cut frameless shower door by Hopkins Glass MN

How To Buy Custom Glass Shower Doors – Buying Guide

Frameless glass shower doors come in a large variety of shapes and styles, sometimes making it difficult to make an appropriate choice. There are a few things you need to take into consideration when buying custom glass shower doors and we hope this simple guide will help you in the process.