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How to clean glass shower doors and keep them that way


Many homeowners agree that one of the most crucial parts of any bathroom remodeling project is selecting best shower doors to suit the design and space. In relation to this, frameless glass shower doors provide the best choice available on the market today. They can make your bathroom really stand out and transform your shower into a real eye-catcher.

However, after a few months of use, soap residue and mineral build up can be hard to clean. Finally, after you get it clean, what do you do to keep it looking like new for a long time? Here we would like to discuss a few tips and tricks to minimize cleaning time and keep your glass shower doors looking new for years to come.

Because of the nature of the glass and damage caused over time by soap residue and hard water, it is important to maintain daily care to keep your shower glass clean. Using a shower glass cleaner, letting it sit for a minute and then wiping down your glass with a soft cloth is really all it takes to maintain a virtually brand new looking shower. The only other important thing to do to maintain the beautiful look of your shower glass is to keep it well ventilated so it does not hold moisture. Moisture within the shower enclosure can cause dirt to cling to the glass causing that grimy look you see on some shower doors.

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If you don’t want to use powerful glass cleaners that may contain bleach, ammonia or other harsh chemicals, there are a few regular household items that might do the trick just as well. Without much trouble you can effectively clean your shower glass with these cleaning products and tips.

1. Try squeegee shower glass every day or at least after each use.

Even though it sounds like a lot of work it will be of a great help in a long run. It takes only seconds but will help prevent soap residue build-up and keep your shower clean longer.

2. Try using White Vinegar.

Combine equal parts vinegar and water, spray on your shower door inside and out, and rub down with a sponge. Leave it be for 5 – 10 minutes (more if you have not cleaned your shower in a while), then rinse it off with warm water. Squeegee the glass and dry off with paper towel.

3. Use a lightly moist dryer sheet.

Same ingredients that keep your fabrics soft will soften the soap residue and lift it of the glass, making for easier cleaning.

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There are a few things you can consider to help keep your shower door clean longer and looking like on the first day you got it. There several products on the market that help prevent soap residue and hard water spots build-up by making it harder for minerals to stick to the glass surface. They are specifically designed to draw off water from surfaces.

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A great example of such product is EnduroShield. It is a revolutionary invisible treatment that repels water, soap scum and grime, allowing you easier cleaning less often. EnduroShield’s repellent nature makes water bead on the surface,, and similar to a non-stick fry pan helps noticeably reduce cleaning time. It works great on new and existing surfaces.

Overall, it can help reduce cleaning time by up to 90%. Glass stays clean longer and regular wipe down with microfiber cloth all it takes. No more scrubbing!

The coating does not change the look or finish of the surface, it just keeps it looking as good as the day it was treated. You clean less often, with less effort, and the surface won’t deteriorate over its life like untreated surfaces. There are no specific after care products to purchase to maintain the coating, saving you time and money.

Hopkins Glass and Shower Door provides professional application of EnduroShield coating to glass shower doors installed. If you are ready to purchase your frameless glass shower doors or would like to know more about our process feel free to contact us at (952) 658-6854 or use the contact form here.