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Latest Bathroom Design Trends To Watch For

In today’s modern world, the bathroom has become just as important as any other room in a home. No longer are they considered to be purely functional spaces which took up as little room as possible, they are now a main feature of interior design with the latest current and emerging trends being available to everyone at affordable prices.

Your bathroom can be as functional or luxurious as you want, customizing everything down to the last detail and adding high-quality lighting, sound and color. A growing trend is, in fact, to design the bathroom as a secondary living room. Improvements in indoor plumbing and changing tastes in interior designs were the main factors behind change in the designs of bathroom vanities.

bathroom with glass shower and white vanity

Latest Shower Design Trends

The latest designs are more capsule like in appearance rather than a traditional style cubicle. There are wide ranges of these types of showers available, including duo shower heads and body jets. Walk in showers are a great alternative to wet rooms as they confine the water with the shower tray, walls and doors.

These rooms are also designed without an enclosed shower cubicle, as such they maximize space by providing the feeling of openness and freedom. The shower heads are also typically large round cascade styles which are ideal for providing all over water rather than directional jets. Body jets can also be installed to provide a multi directional showering experience to massage the whole body. Whirlpool tubs and steam showers are also being used to create a truly relaxing bathing experience for your home, but there are still other luxury options you may want to consider as well These include a shower body dryer that will dry your entire body without the use of a towel, remote controls for bath temperature and jet pressure, and faucets with infra-red sensors for hands-free operation.

walk in shower with curvy glass walls

Bathroom Material Trends

Wood was the dominant construction material. Many bathrooms vanities were just a wooden stand for the sink for the basin, a towel rack and a wooden shower door. Some designers attempted to create unique bathroom vanities by introducing exotic woods and hand carved fronts. Most of these efforts were however wasted because these bathroom vanities were just that, expensive vanities that lost their show after a while.

Later many designers started to use stone and marble to create unique bathroom vanities. This is continued to this day with many up class end bathroom vanities constructed entirely of granite and Carrara marble with quality glass shower doors. These stones take a high polish and retain their show despite the abuse by water and cleaning chemicals.

wood bathroom vanity with double bowl sink

Still, ceramics and glass rule the world of interior decor. The nature of these materials nurtures the spirit of creativity. Many unique bathroom vanities seen currently are made from glass, metal and ceramics. The ease of forming these materials in various forms and wide range of colors and hues ensures that each creation is unique from others. The fact that these materials are artificial and available in a number of qualities frees the designers from the dependency on natural materials.

Baths remain high on many people’s agendas when to comes to choosing their bathing options. Latest innovations also include circular baths made from natural stone, or baths glass side panels, along with the revival in period free standing style slipper and Cambridge styles to create a unique charm which is ideal for those who live in a more traditional rather than contemporary styles of home. Upgrade your vanity with a top made of marble, ceramic tile, quartz composite or natural or engineering stone.

Bathroom Color Trends

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, paying attention to the latest trends may seem like the best approach. However, the size of the bathroom dictates the type of color to use If your bathroom is small, it is best to apply light and softer colored paint in order to make the room appear larger.

Soft colors will also make the room seem lighter. If your bathroom is large you have a choice of rich and deep colors to create an impact. If the bathroom has a window, you will have a wider choice, but if not stick to white or try pastel shades.

Whites and off-whites still hold the highest place, followed by beiges as the second preferred color. White is the best preferred color because it allows one to decorate and redecorate without necessarily changing the big things. However, colors like cream, leafy green, blue and chocolate brown are usually good combinations with beige. Always try to paint the wall with light colors in order to keep the room look bright and fresh.

For those looking for something modern and stylish, minimalism is the way to go. Bold shades will help create a modern feel in terms of color, but ultimately it is how you arrange your bathroom that will make the biggest impact in terms of how modern the room looks.

Finally, there are no set color trends for bathrooms but some valuable advice should be to keep your colors light to ensure space and tranquility as generally, unless your new home is on the larger side, most bathrooms and en suites are smaller than an average room and lighter shades encourage more space and light. Dazzling colors continue to spark a new interest that has continued to this day.

You can also express yourself by covering the walls with stripes, metallics or bold colors or by choosing a theme such as retro or Victorian and adding appropriate accessories. If you have choose to go with a theme for your bathroom then stick to the colors most suited with that theme e.g. if you go for a seaside theme, you will be best to use blues and oranges.

modern shower design with glass shower doors
glass shower doors modern bathroom design
walk-in shower modern glass shower door design


Next time you go out looking for unique bathroom vanities, keep in mind everything they went through in history. It is not something that we have now, it took decades to get to what we are able to purchase today.

With the wide choice of bathrooms available, all offering their own unique features and design styles, having a dream bathroom is no longer only for the wealthy or those who live in large houses. With affordable pricing along with different sizes and designs on the market it is possible for everyone to have a stunning bathroom in their home.

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