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Mirrors in Interior Design: Decorating With Custom Cut Mirrors

Discover Unique Ways Custom Cut Mirrors Can Be Used In Modern Interior Design

Mirrors are the most versatile decorating tools at the disposal of anyone looking to customize the interior of any room. Mirrors of different shapes and sizes have been used for centuries to decorate palaces and high end homes. In fact, many cultures have in the past associated mirrors with magic (like the evil queen in Snow White). Although our custom mirrors won’t tell you who is the “prettiest of them all”, we can attest to the fact that the transformation that our mirrors will give any living space will be outright magical.

The following are some of the most common custom cut mirrors and ways you can use them to decorate your living space:

custom cut rectangular bathroom vanity mirrors by Hopkins Glass and Shower Door

1. Decorating With Vertical Rectangular Mirrors

Vertical rectangular mirrors are perhaps the most basic type of mirror. They are shaped like portraits, and they come in many different customized frames. The shear versatility of this type of mirror is overwhelming, and it has great potential for customization.

Because of Its portrait shape, some decorators use it as artwork. Instead of getting a tacky, generic piece of art, you can easily put up this type of mirror in its place, and then you have a master piece that changes depending on who is standing in front of it at the moment.

This mirror can also be used to increase the depth or the lighting of a room. If you place two of them directly opposite each other in a living room, you get that appearance of infinity in your living space. Placing one directly opposite of a window can double the lighting especially in a room with small windows.

2. Decorating With Horizontal Rectangular Mirrors

Horizontal rectangular mirrors can serve most of the same purposes as the vertical kinds. However, they are better suited for areas and rooms that are expansive. These mirrors are typically placed slightly lower than their vertical counterparts, and they are recommended for rooms and spaces where the ceiling is a bit low.

The entryway to a house or an apartment is perfect for the placement of this type of mirror. It is also perfect for placement in a dining space as it reflects the lights off a chandelier making the whole area more glamorous.

large bathroom custom cut horizontal vanity mirror Hopkins Glass and Shower Door
large custom cut framed round entryway mirror Hopkins Glass and Shower Door Minnesota

3. Decorating With Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are categorized in two: giant (large) round mirrors and tiny (small) round mirrors. Irrespective of size, round mirrors are more suited to bejeweled decors than the rectangular types. Many interior designers agree that round mirrors give a more feminine feel to a living space, which makes the room more beautiful and inviting. A large round mirror gives a room a classy focal point. A custom round mirror can have a simple frame or a bejeweled one, depending on personal preference. Large round mirrors with simple frames create a cool and casual feel in a living space, while bejeweled frames give a more splendid feel to a room.

custom cut round bathroom vanity mirror Hopkins Glass and Shower Door Minnesota

Large round mirrors are often placed on walls above short antique cabinets. Displays such as floral arrangements and collectible items can then be positioned on top of the short cabinets in such a way that they are reflected in the round mirror.

Small round mirrors are used to spice up sections of the living space that seem dull. A small round mirror can work wonders for a corner with poor lighting. This tiny mirror is like a magic potion that brings life to any place that may feel under decorated. You can also throw in a few round mirrors together with photos on a gallery wall if you don’t have enough nice pictures to fill the wall above a sofa.
The sunburst mirror is a special kind of round mirror that has frame with golden or metallic spikes, which makes it look like the sun. This type of mirror comes in different sizes. It gives a very dramatic focal point to a room. The sunburst mirror is most commonly mounted on the wall over the headboard of a bed to give the bedroom a more palatial feel.

4. Decorating With Oval Shaped Mirrors

Oval shaped mirrors can serve the same purpose as either rectangular or round mirrors. They can be used to tone down the bold feel of the round mirrors or to soften the boxy feel of the rectangular mirror.

Oval mirrors are placed between windows to break the monotony of straight lines in a room while increasing the lighting further. They are also perfect at the end of a stairway or entry way, so that you can catch one last glimpse of yourself as you come downstairs or as you go out. Oval mirrors come with a great variety of frames, and you can easily pick one that matches your furniture or drapes.

custom cut framed oval bathroom vanity sink mirror Hopkins Glass and Shower Door Minnesota
large custom cut arch mirror design ideas Hopkins Glass and Shower Door MN

5. Decorating With Arch Mirrors

Arch mirrors are typically large and they are in the shape of the classic arch windows. They are the best choice of mirror if you want a fake window feel in a room. They are great options for placement at the end of dark hallways or in living rooms with few windows. Some come with plain arch frames while others are made with a variety of artsy finishes.

6. Decorating With Floor Mirrors

This refers to the category of mirrors that are placed on the floor instead of being mounted on a wall. The classic boutique mirror is a great example of a floor mirror. If you have a walk-in closet, this mirror is a must have.
Although the most common type of floor mirror is the slender boutique mirror, other wider mirrors are also available. There are floor mirrors that can cover entire parts of a wall, and they can be placed in living rooms or bedrooms.

Floor mirrors are also great choices for placement in corners of small rooms, where they give the illusion of larger floor areas.

large custom cut framed floor mirror Hopkins Glass and Shower Door Minnesota

7. Mirrors on Furniture

This is a very common modern trend in interior design. Mirrors can be specially mounted on different kinds of furniture to increase the lighting and beauty of a room. Today, mirrors are placed on more than just medicine cabinet doors.

Mirrors can be mounted on table tops and cabinet surfaces. Mirrors serve a functional purpose on dressers, but they can also be placed on wardrobes doors on the inside or outside.

We make custom mirrors of any shape or size for thousands of client. Instead of buying a generically made mirror that may not fit in your living space, contact us today at (952) 658-6854 and we will make custom cut mirrors, just for you.

No matter what kind of project you have for your home, Hopkins Glass and Shower Door provides custom glass services that can help you in many ways. Request a Free Quote today and we will be more than willing to help you out.

dinning room large custom cut mirror design ideas Hopkins Glass and Shower Door MN
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